Maxime Margain,
Manager de rayon, Auchan

« Se faire une idée précise de la valeur du candidat, de son profil et de ses compétences réelles et non de celles que ses expériences ou son “background” lui prêtent. »

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“Maxime Margain, Manager de rayon, Auchan”
  1. Le 7 septembre 2012 à 5 h 26 min

    a écrit :

    From Ozhiphop.comJust go to say this was an awesom egig. for real. small crowd, but the sound the peoerrmancfs and presentation where tight and well executed.Both cats showed mad MC skills and Production talent, the way they kicked it with the crowd. Im sure the promoters lost out and spewing more ppl. wont there, but at the same time it felt more exclusive and intimate being there with a small crowd.Those that where thinking of going and piked…seriously you missed out. This was a great inspiration and antidote to the current thug rap bling mania we get flooded with…Next pay day Im actually going to buy these guys shit, instead of downloading….thats how fresh they where….Props to those that put it on. Props to Kev Brown and Oddisse and M Phazes for their shows.I had a mad fucking time…..

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